Student Membership

Student Membership is available to students who provide their school or study group name. It provides a variety of benefits such as the opportunity to network with the registered members to enhance their studies, a referral source of registered members, access to the NASH library, access to current news and events and The American Homeopath journal. Members also benefit by knowing that their contribution helps to strengthen the status of homeopathy and enhance the homeopathic profession throughout North America.

Why should you join NASH?

  • A student liaison program keeps future homeopaths up to date on legislative, educational and practice issues. As an added benefit, the program provides interactive peer support.
  • An extensive network of homeopaths, teachers, mentors and information is right at your fingertips. Take advantage of our extensive tape library and journal archive to aid your continuing education.
  • Eligibility to apply for the Elizabeth Bonfig Scholarship.
  • Volunteer opportunities await you. Join a committee, complete any number of tasks to help us build our profession and strengthen our organization.
  • We support legislation protecting your right to practice homeopathy in every state, and support legislation in every province guaranteeing the free exercise of your profession.
  • Student members receive a discount at conferences.
  • The highly respected and widely read annual journal, The American Homeopath, is part of your annual membership dues and offers you the opportunity to publish articles, research, provings and more.
  • The NASH Foundation supports educational and research projects that our members pursue.
  • NASH is an incorporated membership organization that solely represents professional homeopaths and homeopathy as a profession in Canada and the US. Our strength comes from the increasing number of homeopaths like you who work together toward the common goals of protecting our profession and educating the public about the value, efficacy and safety of homeopathy.
  • Archibel offers discounts on RadarOpus. ¬†Click here to see what incredible values you are eligible for as a NASH member.

How can you be a part of a profession if you are not a member of its professional association? Join Today!



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