The Child’s World: New Approaches to the Homeopathic Treatment of Children

By Linda Johnston, MD First Printing: 2010 paperback  207 pages  ISBN 978-0-95-590651-0

Saltire Books Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland

Reviewed by Richa Eland, RSHom (NA), CCH

During my three years as the Chief Editor of The American Homeopath I had the most fortunate experience to publish a case by Dr. Linda Johnston. I was impressed by her command of  both linguistic expression and homeopathic prescribing.

Proliferating Source material of  Dr. Rajan Sankaran and many of his eager students had saturated me on the subject but when I saw it was her book, I picked it up and read. During a weekend long processional between airports it kept my attention. Before you whip out the Webster’s app on your iPhone unnecessarily, let me alert you to multiple European spellings. It’s all good. For me, time flew by and I enjoyed my read. I came away with new homeopathic material while delightfully refreshed on the basics of childhood development.

With the same ease, Johnston educates as both the experienced physician and the accomplished homeopath. I love the manner in which she helps us appreciate the evolution of consciousness in the ever-developing psyche of the maturing child.

Throughout this material she also intertwines cerebral anatomy and developmental landmarks with homeopathic method and technique. The information felt very integrated and therefore accessible to my homeopathic practice. Most certainly what she said about small children applied to many of my adult clients, seemingly stuck at the same developmental stage.

There is insight to be found here for all the varying levels of experience our homeopathic readership include.  Myself, a social worker turned homeopath and my husband, a cranial osteopathic physician, relish the discussions the book provokes as much as the information it so thoughtfully presents.

I was particularly impressed by her discussion of immunization and informed choice by parents. She teaches us how to be better parental educators, child advocates and thorough homeopaths. She takes on autism and The US Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in a very even voice, speaking to “…stunning statistics with devastating consequences.”

The book is full of practical advice for daily pediatric prescribing. And though it may not seem remarkable at first glance, because she is a physician, it is important that we consider our written excuse provided to the school nurse will be just as valid.

The chapter entitled “The Source Revealed” goes well beyond the expected discussion, which helped me move beyond my common use of symptom expressed by word, action and symbols.

Having moved on from Chief Editor to Book Editor with The American Homeopath, I read a lot of material.  I have the distinct feeling that this book is really just an outline of a much greater missive to be anticipated from Dr. Johnston. Not unlike Scholten progressing from Homeopathy and Minerals to Homeopathy and The Elements we can hope this current book is just getting Johnston warmed up to write more about everything she began to explore.


Richa Eland, RSHom (NA), CCH, Book Editor, AH 16 is a classical homeopath serving women and children in the Appalachian foothills of Athens, Ohio. Authors and Publishers please note: To have a title considered for review, please send requests to and instructions will follow.