Health Freedom in America: Why We Need It (Interview)


The American health care system is broken. It is too expensive and relies too much on treatment with synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. You can’t solve every health problem by throwing medication at it. There are multiple health conditions that can be better treated by alternative therapies. We need at our fingertips all available alternatives, preventive measures, nutritional advice, supplementation, herbal treatment, homeopathic treatment, naturopathic treatment, traditional medicine, energy medicine, etc.

The current American system of medical practitioner licensing creates a narrow monopoly for the few preventing broader access to alternative care. It fails the silent majority who suffer from conditions that could be better helped by experts in the alternative health care professions.

Rather than creating a state-sanctioned licensing monopoly we need to free alternative health care professions from restrictions. Health freedom/safe harbor legislation can restore patients’ rights, protect alternative practitioners, and make alternative care available for everybody.

NASH President Manfred Mueller, RSHom(NA), CCH and attorney Diane Miller, JD, “the Mother of Health Freedom” are interviewed by Health Inn’s host Debby Bruck (homeopath).