2011 Board Elections

Dear Members,

Recently, NASH Registered members held an election for the positions of Vice President and Treasurer. We are pleased to announce the results of this election and welcome Tanya Kell as NASH’s new Vice President and Myra Nissen as NASH’s new Treasurer. Tanya and Myra will replace Cassie Travaini and Julie Mann, respectively, starting January 1, 2012.

Julie has been serving the board since 2003 and Cassie since 2006. We can’t thank them enough for their tireless work for the profession and our members.

We are excited for NASH as we move forward with a new burst of energy. We urge more of you to get involved. We have so many plans but not enough manpower.

Warm regards,

The NASH Board of Directors
President: Manfred Mueller, CA, manfred@thehomeopathiccollege.org
Former Vice President: Cassie Travaini, NM, cassieit@aol.com
Former Treasurer: Julie Mann, CA, ma13nn@aol.com
Registrar: Laura Sholtz, ME, laurasremedies@yahoo.com
Secretary: Carleen Johnson, ME, carleenjohnson@yahoo.com
Bi-National Liaison: Allyson Burden, BC, allyson@sahservices.com