Student Liaison Program


The Student Liaison Program will create a bridge between NASH and students of homeopathy.


To involve homeopathic schools as members of NASH, allowing their student representatives to dialogue with NASH and among themselves about issues affecting the homeopathic profession.


  • Homeopathic Schools whose main purpose is to teach classical homeopathy can be members after paying an annual fee.
  • One student is appointed by the school to participate in this program. Online school/distance learning schools may request additional reps.
  • Student representatives are to be at a point in their studies to allow participation for more than 1 year.
  • Student representatives are not to have a conflict of interest in their role. It would not be appropriate for them to be teaching or to be administrators at their school.
  • One NASH board member will facilitate this program using appointed committee members, as needed.

Want to Learn More?

Contact the NASH Executive Director, Carleen Johnson. Email her here.