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The North American Society of Homeopaths directory is a listing of practitioners who have fulfilled the requirements for registration with this organization. Please note, however, that such a listing does not constitute an endorsement of any practitioner over another. Some practitioners in the homeopaths directory may also hold other credentials including licensure for various health care professions. The NASH registration process includes verification of education and certification. Registration with NASH does not; however, denote a license to practice homeopathy. Statutory regulations vary in different states and provinces. Accordingly, self-identification by a member as a practitioner in the directory does not guarantee that the scope of the member’s practice encompasses any controlled acts. While NASH evaluates competency and educational standards of its registered members, and requires that our members subscribe to the NASH code of ethics and standards of practice, NASH is not responsible for any particular outcome a patient or client may receive under the care of, or after consulting with, a registered homeopath found in this directory. Complaints against a practitioner for violation of our code of ethics may be submitted to the NASH board for evaluation and review in accordance with the grievance procedure laid out in the NASH by-laws. To submit a formal complaint, please contact us.

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