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Beyond the Limits, A Challenge to Prove Oneself

Author: Kavitha Kukunoor, RSHom (NA), CCH

This is a story of an Indian woman, multi-tasking through a hard journey in USA from year 1996 to January 2011. As a part of her journey to adapt herself to this new environment, she looked at life as a challenge. A major bet she made with her husband was to prove that she could work in the Software field even though she disliked computers. By profession, she happened to be a qualified homeopathic doctor, educated in India, but she could not start her medical practice in USA, as she needed to get certified and registered by the Homeopathic Board of Certification of USA. At the outset, this whole thing seemed to be an impossible task for her, but she used the Software industry as a stepping stone to reach her destination, which was to become a Certified & Registered Homeopathic Practitioner in USA and practice as a professional homeopath.

Kavitha clearly described all the obstacles she faced throughout her life, experiences she gained and the hard work she put in on the way to her destination. In addition to performing two professional jobs as a software professional and Homeopathic practitioner, she happily kept up her responsibilities as a wife and mother of two kids. The themes of this book are ‘never give up’, ‘never lose your identity’ and ‘follow your passion with self confidence and strong determination’. 

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Homeopathy, Stories of Healing

Authors: various


Homeopathy: Stories of Healing was written by a group of homeopaths who have met for a day, five to six times a year for over ten years. Each has touched the lives of a vast number of people using homeopathy in their relationships as healers, teachers, parents and friends.

I am thrilled to be the facilitator of this passionate group of individuals who have consistently committed to supporting each other by learning and growing together. For all of us, homeopathy is not only something we do when we enter a consultation room, but also a perspective on life from which we interpret our very existence.

The homeopathic process honors an individual’s story and their need to be seen, heard and understood. A well chosen homeopathic remedy engages and ignites change; it encourages an approach to health and healing that addresses the whole person; body, mind, soul and spirit. It is a process that the client needs to enter fully, with a degree of commitment that may be unfamiliar. With wholehearted engagement from the client and practitioner, healing is facilitated and transformation happens. The experience may be one of small incremental degrees of improvement or a sudden mind-boggling alteration of health – or indeed anywhere in between. This is a wonderful kind of relationship to participate in, one that produces fascinating and often provocative and powerful stories.

This is a collection of such stories that touch on the essence of homeopathy and the innate healing ability in us all. It was compiled by the group to convey the experiences that ignited change in ourselves; our own stories of healing.

By Simon Taffler, PCH, RSHom
February 2011 

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The Trituration Handbook: Into the Heart of Homeopathy

Author: Anneke Hogeland & Judy Schriebman

The first publication of its kind – a practical and clear guide to the process of trituration as described in the Organon – this book is also the foremost reference and introduction to the trituration movement which is taking the homeopathic world by storm. Termed ‘C4 Homeopathy,’ this process centers on hand triturating the remedy substance with a dedicated group and triturating for additional rounds before making potencies. The group process creates the opportunity for a deeply personal, powerfully unique and intimate experience of the substance being triturated in a relatively short period of time. The book provides guidelines and clear directions for successful group experiences. With examples from homeopaths around the world. 

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Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy, A Manual for Practitioners and Consumers

Author: Kate Birch, RSHom (NA), CCH, CMT

The philosophy and practical applications of homeopathy described in this book offer the world an alternative or conjunctive path to the use of vaccination for the treatment and prevention of infectious contagious diseases. Moreover, this book is full of useful information and advocating for the effective treatment of infectious contagious disease with homeopathy. Considering the state of affairs in world health, where more than half of the world lives in poverty, without clean water, and adequate food supplies, the annihilation of infectious contagious disease with any healing modality is very difficult. Homeopathy offers an inexpensive and effective treatment plan which can more radically improve the status of health on this planet for its human inhabitants than any other system of medicine has so far.

Not only is the information herein useful for the treatment of infectious contagious diseases but it also lays a foundation for deeper study into chronic disease. The philosophical chapters introduces the basic tenants of homeopathy, and overview of the immune system, and discusses vaccine injury in the immune system in the light of homeopathic philosophy. The clinical chapters cover: childhood eruptive disease such as chickenpox, measles, and scarlet fever: diseases that have a historical significance and/or raise concerns due to biological warfare, smallpox, anthrax, and plague: more common household illness of Haemophilus influenza, otitis media, influenza, mononucleosis, and pneumonia: sexually transmitted diseases of herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS and hepatitis, accompanied with an in depth look at the expression of human psychology associated with these diseases: five of the most common tropical diseases, yellow fever, typhoid, dengue fever, cholera and malaria providing sufficient information for prevention and treatment:. The remaining chapters cover homeopathic prevention and treatment for rabies, tetanus, diphtheria, mumps, and tuberculosis. 

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Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners

Author: Dr. Lawrence Wilson

This concise, well-written manual helps one to become aware of occupational licensing matters and how to practice as an unlicensed practitioner without legal difficulties. Sixteen chapters include discussions of licensing laws, your options and rights as a minister, as a consultant, coach and other practice options. Also included are sample disclaimer, disclosure and consent forms to use with your clients. 

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