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Elena Cecchetto

RSHom(NA), CCH Access Natural Healing
Work 101-1416 Commercial Drive Vancouver BC V5L 3X9 CANADA Work Phone: 604-568-4663 Website:
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Elena Cecchetto is on the Advisory Board for the Council for Homeopathic Certification and on the founding board of Side by Side Homeopathy, who are helping people in the Downtown Eastside with their health concerns. Some of the common complaints she helps people to address include anxiety, PTSD, depression, migraines, digestion concerns, skin complaints and insomnia.

She loves hearing back from new parents about getting the teething, colic, nursing issues, sleeping, coughing, and rashes successfully resolved with homeopathic care. Her focus on fertility and children have been supported by extra conferences with Dr. Sunil Anand, Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten and Louis Klein plus monthly case conference nights with Laurie Dack.

As of 2012, El has been CEASE Therapy Certified; In 2003 Elena Cecchetto served on the West Coast Society of Homeopaths Board. In 2003 she was on the founding board of the Canadian Society of Homeopaths. In June of 2007 she presented at the BC Society of Homeopaths (BCSH) Case Conference. In 2009 the Health Action Network Society, requested a presentation of her “H.I.P.” Homeopathic Program.

Elena is passionate about the use of homeopathy helping people with substance misuse and addictive behaviours and conducted her fourth year study at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy on Addictions.