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Anne Johnston Smith

RSHom(NA), CCH Simillimum Center for Classical Homeopathy (SCCH)
Work 2570 Forest Street Maplewood MN 55109 USA Work Phone: 612-804-8784 Website:
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Background in virology and biochemistry and graduated from the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in 2002.
150 hours study and case taking with Dr. Jayesh Shaw – Maui Academy of Homeopathy 2002-2005, 2008
PCH – Graduate of Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathic Studies with Jeremy Sherr 2007
HMC – Graduate of 3 year Luminos Homeopathic Studies with Lou Klein 2010
36 hours study and case taking with Dr. Dinesh Chauhan of Mumbai, India 2011 & 2012
CEASE Therapy Training 2013
Homeoprophylaxis Supervisor Training 2013
Understanding & working with the Bowel Nosodes – a 10 hr webinar course- Will Taylor 2013.
Supervised homeopathy students in Student Clinic at the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minneapolis, MN 2010 and 2011 (Class 8).
Have recently started to work on the board of Free and Healthy Children International with regard to Homeoprophylaxis research (Nov. 2013).
Have attended various seminars offered by the Minnesota Homeopathic Association and some benefit classes on the Bach Flowers and Bush Australian Flower Essences taught by Sally Tamplin.
Have maintained and continuing to grow a small private homeopathy practice focused on women and families since 2001.
Have a small clientele of clients with cancer (all concurrently doing Western med – radiation, chemo, etc. )