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Kate Birch

RSHom(NA), CCH HippHealth Center for Holistic Health
Work 212 Third Ave. North Ste. 425 Minneapolis MN 55401 USA Work Phone: 612-701-0629 Work Fax: 612-338-6699 Website:
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Homeopath, Massage Therapist and Doula

Homeopathy: Classical Homeopathy for the whole family; pediatrics, infections, injury and trauma, developmental problems, learning disorders, mental and emotional issues, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, woman’s issues, digestive complaints, neurological disorders, general health management etc.

Diet and nutrition: Specifically in areas of toxicity, fasting and cleansing, dietary recommendations relating to candida, hormonal imbalances, and digestive problems. A whole foods approach to balance, tonify and nourish organ systems.

Therapeutic massage: Deep tissue is my forte with and emphasis on neuromuscular work for restructuring the neurological imprint of holding patterns in the body. Work focused on rehab from auto injuries, freeing postural limitations and oriental style techniques aimed at toning/detoxing specific organ systems through the meridian channels. Therapeutic massage for relaxation and stress management.

Energy work: This is a catchall term for the work I do with the energetic body. Having its roots in Healing Touch tm Shamanic style healing and intuitive guidance, this work specifically is aimed at opening and channeling the energy flows in the system, releasing blocked areas from the energy field and psychic surgery. This work can be purely relaxation or can be directed to realigning the auric system after physical or emotional trauma, shock, or medication and drug use. With the use of relaxation techniques and hands on to specific areas, an individual’s pain is explored from this life or past lives, as to how it came to be, what mental and emotional conditions are stored there, from here the resolve and reintegration of the information gathered takes place.

Doula services: Physical and emotional support during labor and delivery. With the use of homeopathic remedies, massage techniques and presence of being my intention is to assist the mother in what ever way necessary, for support through her birthing process.

Since 1990 Kate has over 1900 hours in homeopathic and clinical education, with an additional 700 hours in massage and bodywork training. She has been providing Doula services since 2001. She has been teaching homeopathy in lecture and classroom settings since 1994. Kate has a general practice for men, women and children for all health concerns from infancy throughout life.