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Sujata Owens

RSHom(NA), CCH Vital Force Consulting, Inc.
Work 108 East Third St Northfield MN 55057 USA Work Phone: 507-645-4329 Website: http://www.vitalforceconsulting.com
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Homeopathic Master Clinician and Past President, Minnesota Homeopathic Association
“Leading you to achieve your health potential naturally”

Sujata Owens, the First Indian Homeopathic Medical Doctor to establish a Homeopathic practice in the United States, is an extensively trained and internationally acclaimed Homeopathic Master Clinician. She has been offering a cost-effective, drug-free homeopathic approach for a healthy mind and body for over 20 years. She has mentored, supervised and taught many Homeopathy Students. She has been actively involved with Minnesota Homeopathic Association (MHA) since its inception in 1996 and served as a president of MHA for 6 years.

Her deep understanding of the human psyche, unique perspective of both modern medicine and homeopathy, and commitment to being a partner in achieving overall health has drawn a clientele from around the world. She is reputable for her thoroughness and accuracy for finding each individual’s homeopathic remedy in a short time.

Case after case from Sujata’s practice show that the symptoms of most illnesses can be effectively treated with homoeopathic medicine. To quote Carola Bratt of Minneapolis, MN: “When you have Sujata as your homeopath, you do not miss conventional meds as you get same results naturally and holistically.”

“If you are ready to take charge of your health naturally, gently and rapidly, let me care for you. I look forward to working with you to revolutionize health care in the United States.”

~Sujata Owens CCH, RS Hom (NA), HMC, DHMS (India), BSc (India)