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Sue Mills

RSHom(NA), CCH Hope Clinic
Work 9220 Basslake Road Suite 245 New Hope MN 55428 USA Work Phone: (763)537-5555 Cell Phone: (952)239-5447
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I graduated from Northwestern Academy Of Homeopathy in 2002 and completed the C.H.C certification in 2010. My journey to becoming a homeopath began at the age of 4. My sister got encephalitis. As my parents brought her to the hospital, my brother and I stayed with some kindly neighbors. As I stood in the entry way of their home, I realized I wanted to be a doctor. But wait, what kind of doctor do I want to be? The doctor they were bringing my sister to was a doctor that helped after something was wrong. It’s too late now. Wouldn’t it be smarter to be a doctor who helps people to not get sick in the first place?
Homeopathy is that little 4 year old girl’s dream come true and a thousand times over that!
There is no healing like a homeopathic healing!