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Western College of Homeopathic Medicine

Contact: Linda Miller
School #150, 4625 Varsity Drive NW Calgary AB T3A 0Z9 CANADA Work Phone: 403-452-3732 Work Fax: 403-202-8517 Website: wchm.ca
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Program Overview

The Diploma of Classical Homeopathy (DCH) trains students in Homeopathic Medicine, Medical Sciences, and provides unprecedented hands-on experience through a Clinical Practicum.

In addition to the Classical Homeopathy curriculum, topics studied include:

• The Business of a Homeopathic Practice
• Practice Management
• Pathology and Disease
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Understanding Physical Examination, Diagnosis, and Treatment in Conventional Medicine
• Psychology/Counseling

Program Length and Delivery Method

This is a four-year program with a blended learning model.

Medical Sciences classes are primarily delivered online, with resources and support available. Lectures are delivered in webinar format to allow students to review the material at their convenience.

Student Clinic and Homeopathic Medicine classes are delivered in the classroom, in a 4-5 day intensive format, once a month. Students are required to attend in person 80% of the time.

Your Career

Successful graduates may find work as homeopathic practitioners, sales representatives for homeopathic suppliers, positions in homeopathic pharmacies and manufacturers, sales positions in retail stores selling homeopathic products, teaching positions in homeopathic colleges or other complementary medicine training institutes, positions in alternative medicine publications and associations.

Admission Requirements

Eligible applicants must have passing grades in first year post-secondary biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and biochemistry or a passing grade in our equivalency course, Natural Science for the Homeopath, which is available online.

A passing grade in our Acute and First Aid Homeopathy course, which is available in person or online.

Students with current MD, ND, DC, NP, APRN or DVM credentials may be exempt from some of the medical science portion of this program.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is $2,500.00 CDN (+GST) per four quarters per each enrollment year. This fee covers all classes including student clinic. Additional expenses for course materials may vary.

Course Progression

Homeopathic Medicine Hours: 630 Hours
Pre-requisite: Acute and First Aid Homeopathy: 40 Hours
Theory, Philosophy, History, Materia Medica: 316 Hours
Repertory: 150 Hours
Triturations(4): 64 Hours
Introduction to Research Methodology: 24 Hours
Practice Management: 20 Hours
The Business of a Homeopathic Practice: 8 Hours
Ethics, Standards and Regulations: 8 Hours

Clinical Practicum Hours: 800 Hours
Students will successfully complete case analysis for 100 initial cases and 100 follow-ups.

Required Reading Homeopathic Medicine/Clinical Practicum Hours: 600 Hours

Medical Science Hours: 720 Hours
Anatomy and Physiology: 156 Hours
Pathology and Disease: 180 Hours
Physical Examination and Diagnosis: 124 Hours
Pharmacology: 78 Hours
Psychology/Counseling: 48 Hours
Integrative Medicine: 36 Hours
Nutrition: 24 Hours
Botany: 24 Hours
Public Health: 20 Hours
Microbiology: 18 Hours
Biochemistry: 12 Hours

Total Class Hours for Diploma of Classical Homeopathy: 2,750 Hours

Student Clinic

Student Clinic begins in first year and continues through all four years, consisting mainly of live cases in a professional homeopathic clinic environment.

Students observe and/or take part in live case-taking and complete required case analysis, remedy selection and write-ups for a minimum of 100 initial consultations and 100 follow-ups.

Once students have successfully completed 75 initial consultations, they can apply to undertake ten supervised cases and five independent cases under the guidance of a CCH certified homeopath. This fulfills the clinical requirements for the Council for Homeopathic Certification.


Students graduate with a Diploma of Classical Homeopathy (DCH)

In their fourth year, students write the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) exams to receive a Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH) designation.

Upon receiving their CCH designation, students are qualified to apply for registered membership with the Canadian Society of Homeopaths and the North American Society of Homeopaths.