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Denise Straiges

Work 80 E 11th Street New York City NY 10003 USA Work 1181 Bethlehem Pike, B-1, Suite 211 Flourtown PA 19031 USA Work Phone: 215-475-2290 Website: http://www.lifestylerevolution.typepad.com
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Denise M. Straiges CCH, RSHom(NA).

Denise is a Homeopathic practitioner, writer, teacher and consultant. She is the author of the popular blog, LifeStyle Revolution… Creating a sustainable life, from the inside out, and the founder of “well4good” a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable healthcare.

For more than twenty years, Denise Straiges has been honing her understanding of wellness and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Her integrative practice model utilizes a multi-leveled approach that centers on Classical Homeopathy, with the addition of food, movement, meditation and purposeful life pursuits to support the deepest levels of transformation and healing. Denise works with clients to establish healthy living patterns that are both practical and enjoyable. Denise has received national certification in Classical Homeopathy by the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CCH). She is a registered member of the North American Society of Homeopaths (RSHom(NA)) and served as the Executive Director of the Minnesota Homeopathic Association. She is a core faculty member of The Centre for Homeopathic Education. Denise has studied in the US and abroad with the world’s most respected homeopathic teachers. Her insatiable appetite for learning has led her deep into the philosophies of yoga, meditation, Buddhism, and the myriad ways in which our lifestyle choices affect our mind, body and spirit.

In addition to her extensive private practice, Denise teaches and mentors homeopathic students, leads well4good retreats and workshops, and writes and lectures on food, cooking, sustainable healthcare and all aspects of health and well-being. Her main offices are in NYC, Philadelphia and Los Angeles; she works with adults, teens and children throughout the world via Skype.