Volume 19 | 2013


Homeopathy Around the World Issue


In Appreciation of Elizabeth Bonfig

What is to be Cured? Lessons from Africa

Understanding Potency —  A Thought Experiment

Meeting the Challenge: Joint American Homeopathic Conference 2013

Homeoprophylaxis as a Cure for Fear of Disease

Looking Forward:

The Ghana Homeopathy Project: Sharing Our Passion for Homeopathy Across Continents

Homeopathy in New Zealand

Homeopathy in Japan —  Past and Present

Cover Article:

Notes From The Field: Reflections on Homeopathy Around the World


The Creation of Empathy: A Conversation with Alize Timmerman


Homeopathy Research in Our Indian Laboratory

HRI Barcelona 2013: The Cutting Edge of Homeopathic Research


Simplicity and Synopsis: Cyrus Maxwell Boger (1861-1935)

Cases and Materia Medica:

Homeopathic Treatment of Brain Hemorrhage

A Cured Case of Pemphigus Vulgaris

Antimonium tartaricum to the Rescue

Sinking Sepia Surfaces from Stress

The Actinides


Transformation: A Proving of Lanthanum metallicum

The Game and the Battle: A Proving of Promethium muriaticum

Passing the Touch:

Ellen Gunther, MD: In Memoriam

Who was Kaviraj? The Untold Story

A Tribute to Dr Sigsbert Rwegasira

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