Volume 18 | 2012


Samuel Hahnemann Issue


The Genius of the Remedy

Is Homeopathy an Effective Cancer Treatment?

Raising the Bar: Joint American Homeopathic Conference 2012

Exploring Psychology and Forgiveness in Homeopathic Treatment

Derailing the Vaccination Machine

The Challenges of Diet in Modern Provings

Looking Forward:

Reflections: Homeopathy Around the World

Beyond the Disaster – Homeopaths Without Borders, NA 2012

Moral Panic: The British Case and Its Implications for Homeopathy

Expanding Awareness Through Study in India


The Facts Cannot Be Denied: A Conversation with Dr Luc Montagnier


Adaptational Nanomedicine and Hormesis: Homeopathic Remedies as Nanoparticles and Low Intensity Systemic Stressors

Validated — The Swiss Government Report on Homeopathy in Healthcare

Cases and Materia Medica:

Obsessed with Death

A Case of Crohn’s Disease and Its Etiology


Disconnection: A Proving of Didelphis virginiana

Rhythm, Flow and Unification: A Proving of Samarium Cobaltum Magneticum

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Price: $50.00
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