Board Of Directors

Tanya Kell, RSHom (NA), CCH

NASH President

Tanya has been involved in Homeopathy for more than half her life. She has been a registered NASH member as well as a CCH certificate holder since 1996. She began her studies at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy in 1990, worked at Hahnemann Pharmacy, and went on to attend Evolution of Self/Soul School of Homeopathy in Arizona.

After opening a practice in Nashville, TN and running a study group, she co-founded the Nashville School of Homeopathy, now in its 10th year of operation. Tanya is passionate about making homeopathy a household name, accessible to all.

She says: “I look forward to serving and growing our community.”

Sarah Williams, DC, MC, CCH, RSHom(NA)

NASH Vice President

Sarah Williams board picSarah has been a practicing Chiropractic physician for 33 years in Concord, MA.  She has been a leader in her field with the implementation of Functional Medicine into a clinical setting since 1984. As a volunteer with the human genome project Sarah is also on the forefront of the changing face of medicine and the incorporation of genomic medicine into a clinical setting. She is a strong advocate for health freedom and is proud to offer homeopathic medicine to her patients since 1985. As Vice President, “I will bring a professional, organized, personable approach, with strong leadership qualities. I look forward to connecting with members and increasing membership to strengthen our organization.”

Julie Mann, RSHom(NA), CCH

NASH Treasurer

Coming from a diverse background of film production, business management and art curriculum development, Julie discovered her true passion in the practice of homeopathy over 20 years ago. Trained through the School of Homeopathy in Los Angeles, Lou Klein’s Master Clinician course and years of seminars, her practice includes working with both humans and animals. She is the founder of the Homeopathic Collective of Los Angeles, better known to the homeopathic community as the “Monday Night Study Group”, where students and practitioners meet each week to study, share knowledge, and consult on cases.

As current board member of the North American Society of Homeopaths, she works to define the role of the professional homeopath as well as to further research and education in homeopathy as director of the NASH Foundation. Her past teaching experience includes being on the faculty at The Los Angeles School of Homeopathy, and supervising the homeopathic clinic at the American University of Complementary Medicine and currently teaches at the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California.

She is also the co-founder, grant writer and chief financial officer of The Learning Garden, an organic medicinal herb garden project in Los Angeles which has become the model for school and community garden projects nationwide. She is also a leader in the Sustainable Medicine project of the Transition Town movement in Los Angeles. She is dedicated to preserving our important medicinal plants and the knowledge by which to use them.

Anna Cox, CCH, RSHom(NA)

NASH Secretary

AnnaCoxfor boardAnna practices classical homeopathy in Los Angeles, California. She was introduced to homeopathy in a bio-physics class at the American University of Complementary Medicine. The fundamental principles of homeopathy so paralleled the concepts of resonance in physics that she was intrigued to study homeopathy in greater depth. It began a journey that culminated in a 10-year clinical research project investigating the combination of classical homeopathy paired with bio-feedback examining predictability. The evidence in the clinical application offers clarity to theoretical postulates in both fields.

On a personal note, the application of homeopathy with the researched feedback, corrected a state of bilateral breast cancer, a neurodegenerative condition and incredible improvement in vision that was also rapidly deteriorating with a diagnosed trajectory of blindness. She has consistently witnessed equal results in numerous clients suffering a wide array of chronic disease. She emphatically  says, “I am passionate about expanding homeopathy, about establishing a strong, self-regulated profession with the freedom for homeopaths to progress the field unbound by licensure or regulation within any modality that has conflicting principles. With aligned passion to these causes, I will be proud to serve on the board of NASH.”

Myra Nissen, RSHom (NA), CCH

NASH Board Member, Director of Member Benefits, Student Liaison Program and Journal Ad Sales

Myra is a graduate of the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy and has a classical homeopathic practice in Walnut Creek and Benicia, California. She established a community homeopathy clinic in Oakland, CA and was a consulting practitioner at the innovative Elephant Pharmacy in Walnut Creek.

Before choosing a career in homeopathy, she has had past experience as an archeologist, in computer technology, environment and recycling, and customer service. She credits homeopathy with curing her debilitating allergies. She offers her organizational skills to NASH.

Laura Sholtz, PhD., RSHom, CCH, FBIH

NASH Registrar, Book Review Editor of The American Homeopath

Laura Sholtz, PhD, RSHom(NA), CCH, FBIH, a certified professional Homeopath and Master Herbalist, has been using natural healing methods since 1967, and immediately resonated with homeopathy after first learning about it over 24 years ago.  She has been practicing in the Central Maine area since 1989.  Laura is on the Board of Directors for the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH), and serves as both Registrar and Book Review Editor; she also served on the Board of Directors for the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) for more than six years.  Laura has been an instructor for the British Institute of Homeopathy (BIH) since 2002, and teaches classes, and is a frequent speaker, on homeopathy and alternative healing locally.  For several years she taught Homeopathy at the University of Maine.  One of her goals is to have knowledge of homeopathy in every home, and easily available to all as an automatic first choice for healing, rather than only as a last chance.

Laura’s Center for Natural Healing is located in Exeter, Maine, where she lives with her husband and tribe of cats.  Phone:  207-379-2571.  Her 3 children have successfully fledged.

Carleen Johnson, M.Ed, CAS, CCH, RSHom(NA)

NASH Executive Director

Carleen JohnsonBeing witness to the miracle of homeopathy when her children were young, she began her studies of this amazing science with one of the first NCH study groups in Maine.  Many of the members of that study group came to be practitioners, as did Carleen.  Attending any homeopathic workshop within a 300 miles radius, she eventually enrolled in the New England School of Homeopathy where she completed their 3-year program and continued on with their Clinical Program.  Upon completing her CCH, she served on the Board of The North American Society of Homeopaths as Secretary for a number of years. When given the opportunity to help the Executive Director for a few years, she found a new way of being involved in the profession of homeopathy.  It has been a joy for her to continue working with the Board and an added bonus to connect with the NASH members.

In addition to her homeopathic training, she also holds a degree in psychology, a Master’s in Education and Certificate of Advanced Studies in career development.  While working within the various worlds of public schools, hospitals and health care settings she has found a fondness of administration and program management.  She has maintained a homeopathic practice since 1995 in the Central Maine area where she enjoys gardening, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and kayaking.